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A little bit about Maylin...

Maylin Morera was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. At the age of sixteen she relocated to United States with her mother. She’s now a Cuban American actress, host, voice-over talent and advocate for the inclusion of all people in film, TV and all media regardless of gender, ethnicity, color, and age.

Her interest in performing developed at an early age while living with her great-aunt who managed a small Cuban theater. Some of her first stage experiences were as part of a community theater, where she took on the roles of a dancer, puppeteer and an assistant to a magician. Upon relocating to the US, she continued pursuing acting alongside her education. During high school, she belonged to the Cervantes Community Theater, and in college, she studied for years under Kathy Laughlin C.S.A, one of the most notable teachers in the Southeast region. Since then, she’s worked on the set of many commercials, award-winning independent films and features, including House Guest, where she played the lead alongside Alex Vincent (Child’s Play).

Maylin resides in Los Angeles continuing her training under the guidance of many talented actors, teachers, authors, and directors. This is only the beginning of Maylin’s creative pursuits, stay tuned for upcoming projects!

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